Drilling Tools Solutions


National Oilwell Varco services the industry with a complete range of traditional and custom downhole tools for drilling, fishing, well intervention, re-entry and well completion applications. Strategically located around the world, National Oilwell Varco maintains fully outfitted downhole tool supply and service centers manned by experienced technicians. This facilitates rent, service, and sell the complete range of National Oilwell Varco downhole tools and can satisfy most downhole requirements on an immediate basis. 

Drilling Tool Solutions

National Oilwell Varco offers the world’s most comprehensive, reliable range of drilling tools and equipment for today’s complex drilling programs. The only independent downhole tool provider able to supply and service the complete bottom hole assembly. Product lines include:

  • Drill Bits
  • Drilling Motors
  • Power Sections
  • Reamers
  • Borehole Enlargement Tools Stabilizers
  • Shock Tools
  • Non-Magnetic Drilling Components
  • Electromagnetic MWD Systems Drill Collars Drilling Jars
  • Drilling Jar Intensifiers
  • Drill Pipe
Intervention and Completion Solutions

National Oilwell Varco is the manufacturer of Bowen® fishing tools, the oil and gas industry's most respected and reliable fishing tool products for over 85 years. The comprehensive list of products includes catch tools, fishing stroking tools such as jars, intensifiers, bumper subs, junk retrieval tools, milling and cutting tools, as well as repair and remedial tools. NOV is the tool solution provider for today's fishing and well intervention operations.

Service Equipment Solutions

National Oilwell Varco manufactures downhole tool service equipment that enables oilfield service companies the means to service their downhole tools and equipment. Whether the need is for a tool vise for assembly, a make-up/break-out unit to torque the tool connections or a test stand to inspect the operation and performance, NOV has the equipment to do the job. 

Directional Control Solutions

NOV Variable Gauge Stabilizers are ideal for deviated boreholes where inclination control is of prime importance. Hydraulically actuated, their reliability and size make them first choice for these wells, whether on rotary or in combination with a downhole motor.

The BLACKSTAR™ EM MWD system uses an electromagnetic signal to transmit real time data for precise wellbore control in a wide range of drilling environments, without the encumbrance of mud or wire transmission. Directional, pressure, gamma, and focused gamma sensors are all available for a wide range of hole sizes and applications. 

The NOV Russell Sub-Surface steering tools provide accurate and reliable information on inclination, azimuth, pressure, temperature, and weight on bit. The information provided by the steering tools is critical in directional drilling, coiled tubing and wireline applications. NOV also provides product training, customer calibration of equipment, software development, engineering, testing, and product qualification services for steering tool customers.

IntelliServ® Broadband Network™

NOV IntelliServ is the market leader in high-speed, high-volume, high-definition, bi-directional broadband data transmission systems that enables downhole conditions to be measured, evaluated, monitored and actuated in real time.

IntelliServ Broadband Network enables industry experts to clearly see things they couldn't see before and achieve results like never before through a synthesis of broadband data transfer, measurements and operations. In addition, the broadband network offers for the first time redundancy for existing telemetry systems.


We develop and deliver solutions which enable our clients to optimize their oil and gas production and increase reservoir drainage. This is accomplished in two ways; a completion philosophy focused on minimizing reservoir uncertainty and maximizing production from new wells and a well intervention portfolio dedicated to reliable yet novel approaches to overcoming well challenges in existing wells.

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