Spares & Rentals


Deep Drill is a group of specialized companies with a joint focus on the supply to the Drilling Industry, supplying hardware and expertise for your Well set-up, Rig package and Services. We are strong on operating from our controlled stocks and with our Workshops, Machine shops and Approved Suppliers nationally and worldwide.

The original Deep Drill was founded in 1980 by Eng. B.G.H van Amsterdam and now the Deep Drill Supply Group has over 30 years of industry experience with family ownership

Our teams are fully dedicated to Land and Offshore Exploration, Storage and Work Over projects for Oil & Gas, -Geothermal Energy- drilling and salt mining Equipment and Tubulars for your Land & Offshore Rig Building, Drilling & Workover, Cementing, Completion and Testing projects.

In compliance with ISO, OEM, API, NS, CE, ATEX, ANSI and DNV.

Specialized in equipment for Well Set Up, Rig Packages and Service requirements, we can offer in sales orrental:

  • OCTG: casing, tubing, pup joints, X-overs & subs, filter pipe & screens, specials
  • Wellhead - Pressure Control Equipment: BOP’s, accumulators units, manifolds valves & chokes, casing - Starter Heads, Wellhead Assemblies, casing &tubing Hangers, Flanges & Blocks, Spools & Risers, Plugs & Caps, Flow Line, etc. Gaskets & ring Joints, hoses, hubs & adapters, cup testers, Instrumentation & Parts, specials
  • Drilling tools: Drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, Drill collar, pup Joints & pony’s, X-overs & subs, stabilizers, Kelly’s, specials
  • Cement & float equipment: centralizers, cement baskets, stop collars, float collars, float shoes, stage collars, guides, float valves, plugs, stingers, specials
  • Accessories: Couplings, protectors, bored bars & bars, coupling feedstock, line pipe & Unions, grease – dope.