Spares & Rentals



We take pride in our own OEM equipment and tubulars, carrying a wide inventory of tubulars, handling-, pressure control- and flow line equipment for rental purposes. Deep Drill Rentals B.V. 4 product lines comprises a selected inventory with minimizing operational risk and complying with customer requirements in mind. Therefore our complete assortment of Rental equipment offers our customers the assurance for both short- and long term solutions for their operational requirements. We go for fast and reliable supply and service.

With over 35 years of expertise in the supply of tubulars for drilling, well testing, workover, cementing or any other down hole operation, we have always kept a wide inventory of work string tubulars from drill string to tubing and the required accessories. We take it as the utmost importance that all materials are available as emergency back-up at short notice. We keep it running.

Handling the work string in an effective and efficient way saves valuable time and resources. Our line of Handling Tools provides the necessary equipment at immediate disposal to get the most out of any down hole operation. We can handle it.

Stocking a large range of our complete and OEM PCE packages is our way of maintaining the highest possible service grade to our customers. Anything from a complete BOP system to a single adapter and everything in between. We provide complete PCE packages, including manifolds, control units, hoses, adapters, spools / risers for drilling, HWO, testing and other. We keep the pressure on.

Directing and controlling the flow at any stage of an operation is a key element of success. We stock standard items to complete assemblies with storage & handling systems and prepare tailor made solutions to solids control, flaring, cementing and other special flow requirements. From fast connecting and securing unions, to straights, swivels, adapters, valves and hoses, to storing and transportation systems. We keep the flow going.