Check Valves




Product Description:

TECHNO®'s unique metal-hinged design allows valve plates to fully open, resulting in streamlined flow and lower pressure loss. Also, the new design, without pipe plugs or holes through the body, completely eliminates leakage to the atmosphere.

Specifications: Sizes 2 in. to 36 in., variety of body, valve plate and seal materials available

Industry: Chemical & Petrochemical, Electric Power Generation, Water Resources & Water Treatment.

Applications: Controlling liquids, gases and air for pumps and blowers; process separation.



The design features of TECHNO®'s elastomer hinged check valve include unrestricted full-port seatless design, a tight shutoff feature, and the ability to be mounted in almost any position.

Specifications: Sizes 2 in. to 54 in., wide variety of plastic and metal bodies, internals, and seal materials available

Industry: Industrial Processes.

Applications: Controlling liquids, gases and air for pumps and blowers; process separation.



The ENTECH™ DRV nozzle check valve was designed to provide three manditory requirements of a check valve: non-slam, low pressure drop and virtually no maintenance.

The key feature of the DRV-BN nozzle check valve is its inherent non - slam characteristics.  This can be attained due to the valve reacting quickly to flow (velocity) changes that it outpaces the process changes and can reach the point of closure before it is possible for the flow to reverse.

The type DRV-BN nozzle check valve is used in a variety of applications such as Water, Oil and LNG pump stations as well as in gas compressor stations.

The DRV-BN Nozzle Check is a large bore valve designed for compressor and pumping stations from 16 in. (400 mm) diameter and above



TOM WHEATLEY® Piston Check Valves

Standard Features

  • Size range: 2 in. through 12 in.
  • ANSI Classes: 150 - 2500
  • Full open / top mounted piston check valve
  • Controlled clapper movement on full opening piston check valves
  • Horizontal or Vertical service
  • Metal-to-Metal seats
  • Quick opening of piston
  • RF or RTJ end connections

Optional Features

  • Integral or removable seat
  • Metal overlays

Body Construction

  •   Carbon Steel Body, Cover and Trim.



Design Features

WHEATLEY®'s body design offers the following features:

  • Compact wafer style one-piece design
  • Center post fully supports the internal assembly without external pins or plugs
  • No leakage to atmosphere is ensured due to WHEATLEY'S standard
  • Design which eliminates through holes and pipe plugs in the body
  • Maximum flow area minimizes pressure loss
  • Minimizes installation space and time

Clamp plates offer additional strength to valve plates and allow seals to be easily changed

Specially designed flat, full contact seals maintained positive shut-off at low working pressures. Unlike most other valves, these seals are easily replaced in the field. Torsion springs assist valve plate closure preventing flow reversal. Consistent valve response ensures against slamming and water hammer

Heavy duty corrosion-resistant construction shaf. Its supports act as stops to prevent over travel of valve plates. Corrosion resistant with large shaft bearing surfaces. Easily removable for internal assembly, maintenance or change



Inexpensive Reduced Port Check Valves are used in applications where...

  • Media is clean (abrasives are not present)
  • Flow is steady and not pulsating
  • Flow rates are low
  • Pigs or spheres are not intended to run through the valve
  • Velocity through the seat does not exceed:
  • Liquids 15 feet per second
  • Gases 100 feet per second