Gate Valves




The WKM® Saf-T-Seal gate valve is a simple, yet rugged and reliable, through conduit gate valve. It utilizes two floating seats to provide a complete seal with the gate. Each seat contains a metal seat face plus a peripheral seal. The full bore design has the same pressure drop as an equivalent length of pipe and allows passage of all types of scrapers (pigs

  • The WKM® Saf-T-Seal valve’s through conduit design provides these specific advantages resulting in reliable performance and long life:
  • Protection of Seat Faces 
  • Smooth, Continuous Conduit for Flow 
  • Block-and-Bleed Capability 
  • Commonly Used Applications



  • API 6D pipeline gate valve
  • Full Port, Through Conduit, Double Block & Bleed
  • Positive Mechanical Closure
  • Compressive, Torque Seating
  • In-Line, Field Repairable
  • Selected for Corrosive, Erosive and Aggressive Pipeline service
  • High Temperature Option to +1,000F (+538C)
  • Certified firesafe to API 6FA, BS6755 and ISO 10497

60 years of worldwide service in oil, gas, chemicals, water, slurry and multi-products has confirmed the Pow-R-Seal as the most trusted gate valve, where safety and reliability of sealing are critical.

The positive, mechanical seating force of the Lock-In-Place seals holds with zero leakage through conditions of vibration, pressure change and temperature excursion. The rigid, cast steel body resists pipeline bending moments.

TFE seals on both faces of the valve assure drop-tight sealing even at low differential pressure, while metal-metal contact between the seals and gate mechanism provide firesafe shut-off. Optional all-metal seals are also available for service to +1,000F (+538C), where leakage rates comply with API 6D, Supplement 2.

WKM® Pow-R-Seal Gate Valves are the choice of LIQUIDS PIPELINE OPERATORS because they tolerate the wax, paraffin, abrasives and multi-product flow that causes problems in other valve designs



Standard Features

  • Size range: 4 in. through 60 in.
  • ANSI Classes: 150 - 1500
  • Full Port or Venturi (6" or larger)
  • End Connections: Flanged, Weld, and Weld X Flange
  • Applications: Gas & Liquid
  • Stem protector
  • Stem downstop aligns gate in closed position
  • Life lubricated ball bearings
  • Stem packing with sealant injection
  • Floating parallel sided gate can't stick, wedge, or gall
  • Floating spring loaded seats always in contact with the gate
  • Seat seal "O"-Rings plus metal to metal sealing
  • Fully round, through conduit opening
  • Suited for services requiring block bleed or double block and bleed

Optional Features

  • Secondary seat seal
  • Extended blow down valves
  • Transition pieces

Body Construction

  • Body cavity is isolated from the valve conduit when the valve is fully open or closed.
  • This allows the body cavity to be vented to atmosphere or drained with the valve under pressure.



Standard Features

  • Bi-Directional
  • Stem Seals: Self Energized Non Rolling Lip Seals
  • No Side Load and Friction Drag on the Stem Low Operating Thrust
  • Stem Protector and Gate Position Indicator
  • Through Conduit, Self-Cleaning, Floating Slab Gate
  • Self-Relieving Floating Seat always in Contact with the Gate
  • Metal-to-Metal Primary Seal, Protected O-Ring Secondary Seal
  • Block-and-Bleed and Double-Block-and-Bleed Design
  • Upper Stem Seal Gasket Replaceable with Pressure In-Line
  • "Top Entry" Body for In-Line Maintenance

Optional Features

  • Built in Sealant Injection System for Emergency Sealing
  • Reverse Acting Gate
  • Graphite Packing Fire Safe Sealing
  • OS&Y Bonnet Design
  • Back Seat
  • Metal-to-Metal with Tungsten Carbide Coating (TCC) on Seats and Gate
  • Seats Skirts for Dirty Fluid Application
  • Seats with Plastic Insert
  • Seats with Double Piston Effect Design to have TRIPLE BARRIER from Upstream Side to Downstream Side of the Valve